Chapel & Cemetry


Cemetery Charges at East Coker Cemetery – April 2017

Prices increase yearly at the rate of inflation


Fees in respect of burials in East Coker Chapel Cemetery


Purchase of an 8ft plot                                  £368.79

First interment                                              £105.37

Second interment                                          £263.42


Purchase of plot for cremated remains            £158.05

First interment                                             £  52.68

Second interment                                         £105.37


Monuments – first inscription                         £105.37

Monuments – second inscription                    £  31.61



To be noted:

  1. Costs are doubled for non-residents of East Coker Parish, former residents who left the Parish to go into long term care are still eligible for the basic cost.
  2. Plots have a tenure of 100 years.
  3. All plots to be double depth for later second internment (8ft).
  4. Cost is for the plot only, it does not include grave digging and reinstatement.
  5. Plots can be purchased in advance and location reserved by contacting the Parish Clerk.
  6. No fee for children (under 16 years of age).
  7. All memorials and inscriptions are to be approved by the Parish Council and submitted in writing to the Parish Clerk.
  8. Memorial/Headstone must not exceed 4ft in height.
  9. Exclusive right of burial can be transferred by a letter from current owner/family to the Parish Clerk.
  10. All funerals are conducted by a funeral director, who will arrange digging, reinstatement, headstones and memorials.
  11. Kerbs around grave plots are not permitted.
  12. Floral tributes should be removed when they have died.
  13. All fees will raise with inflation.


Clerk to the Parish, Gillian Macpherson

5 Long Furlong Lane, East Coker, BA22 9LQ

Tel: 01935 864354 Email: