Following the elections held in May 2016, the following Councillors were elected (with exception of the Parish clerk), and will hold post for 4 years; The Chair and Vice-Chairs are elected from the Councillors, and hold post for 1 year.  The specific responsibilities and contact details of each Councillor are:

ECPC P1 100Bridget Sugg
Chairman, Pavilion, Village Ranger, Highways,
Planning, Youth Provision, Pre School,
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Alms Houses,
Landscaping/ Ground Works,
07907 621106 / 01935 863435 (no calls after 6pm)

ECPC P12 murray webMurray William Shepstone
Vice Chair, Cemetery & Chapel, Planning,
Youth Provision, Scout Hut, Landscaping/ Ground Works
01935 864121

Gillian (Gill) Macpherson
Clerk / Proper Officer, Pavilion, PreSchool
01935 864354 (answer machine out of hours)

ECPC P10 binny webJustin (Binny) Vincent Bennett
Keyford Working Group, Tree Warden, Planning
07855 775727

ECPC P4 donna webDonna Goddard
Playground risk assesments, Keyford Working Group,
Pavilion, Planning, PreSchool
07980 519440 / 01935 863692

ECPC P13 barry webBarrie Hartley
First Aid (box), Planning, Keyford Working Group
01935 862060

ECPC P19 chante webChantelle Henocq
Website, Rights of Way/Footpaths, Planning
0796 7756356 / 01935 864588

ECPC P16 Paula webPaula Hodge
Pavilion Sports Grounds,
Youth Provision, End of Year Accounts Overview,
Scout Hut, Planning, Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group)
07825 620042 / 01935 862927

Natasha Hopkins
School Representative, Planning
details to follow

ECPC P8 david webDavid Mead
Pavilion Playing Fields, Highways, Planning
07850 428335 / 01935 862408

ECPC P2 100Michael Mead
Cemetery & Chapel, Highways,
Pavilion Playing Fields, Planning
01935 863466

ECPC P11 sandra webSandra Snelling
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Planning
077177 23448 / 01935 862162

Phillip Chant
Highways, Rights of Way/Footpaths
07846 065628