Following the elections held in May 2016, the following Councillors were elected (with exception of the Parish clerk), and will hold post for 4 years; The Chair and Vice-Chairs are elected from the Councillors, and hold post for 1 year.  The specific responsibilities and contact details of each Councillor are:

ECPC P1 100Bridget Sugg
Chairman, Pavilion, Village Ranger, Highways,
Planning, Youth Provision, Pre School,
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Alms Houses,
Landscaping/ Ground Works,
07907 621106 / 01935 863435 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

ECPC P12 murray webMurray William Shepstone
Vice Chair, Cemetery & Chapel, Planning,
Youth Provision, Scout Hut, Landscaping/ Ground Works
01935 864121

Gillian (Jill) Macpherson
Clerk / Proper Officer, / Data Controller / Financial Officer
01935 864354
(The Clerk works a small amount of hours and will return your call/answer your query as soon as she is able.)

Mike Beckerleg

Village Hall Representative / Planning

07813 963981

ECPC P10 binny webJustin (Binny) Vincent Bennett
Keyford Working Group, Tree Warden, Planning
07855 775727

Phillip Chant
Highways, Rights of Way/Footpaths
07846 065628

ECPC P4 donna webDonna Goddard
Playground risk assesments, Keyford Working Group,
Pavilion, Planning, PreSchool
07980 519440 / 01935 863692

ECPC P13 barry webBarrie Hartley
First Aid (box), Planning, Keyford Working Group
01935 862060

ECPC P19 chante webChantelle Henocq
Website, Rights of Way/Footpaths, Planning
0796 7756356 / 01935 864588

ECPC P16 Paula webPaula Hodge
Pavilion Sports Grounds,
Youth Provision, End of Year Accounts Overview,
Scout Hut, Planning, Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group)
07825 620042 / 01935 862927

Natasha Hopkins
School Representative, Planning

07720 237203

ECPC P8 david webDavid Mead
Pavilion Playing Fields, Highways, Planning
07850 428335 / 01935 862408

ECPC P2 100Michael Mead
Cemetery & Chapel, Highways,
Pavilion Playing Fields, Planning
01935 863466

ECPC P11 sandra webSandra Snelling
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Planning
077177 23448 / 01935 862162