East Coker Village Quiz

The 12th Annual Village Quiz will be held in East Coker Hall on Saturday 11 March. Doors open at 7.00pm and the first round of questions will start at 7.30pm. As usual, Palmer’s excellent fish and chips will be served at half time. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to the charity nominated by last year’s winners, The Dregs (Wine Circle) team.
The number of teams is limited by the size of the Hall and we have been asked to restrict the size of each team to a maximum of eight because there is a view that “more brains can mean more right answers” – not always the case, of course!

Quiz teams have already started to make provisional bookings for this hard-fought annual contest to win the prestigious Cockerel trophy, so make sure your team makes its booking soon to avoid disappointment. We look forward to hearing from the regular contenders and new teams, some of which have already expressed interest in competing.

Anyone interested in entering a team should contact Cherry Sowerbutts on 863313.