Neighbourhood Plan

East Coker Neighbourhood Plan – Current Position – July 2016

Work has progressed over the past months on the continuation of the East Coker Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan Group has taken account of views expressed by the local community, through various resident and business questionnaires and as a result of the successful consultation event that was held in the Village Hall on 10 October 2015, when over 150 local people attended and provided an excellent input into the Plan’s development.

A working draft was produced and a further event held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 19th March which was again well attended and a broad consensus of support for the Plan and its policies was secured.

The Group is also engaging with the District and County Councils, as well as other agencies such as Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency.

Work has progressed on the writing of the plan text and policies, based on the vision and objectives that were outlined at these events and which received good public support. These deal with all the subject matters addressed in the Plan, such as housing, employment and business, community facilities, the built and natural environment and transport and infrastructure. The policies in the Plan will generally conform and have regard to the National Planning Policy Framework and the South Somerset Local Plan.

The following is the anticipated timetable for progression of the East Coker Neighbourhood Plan through to adoption and being ‘made’, as part of the Statutory Development Plan for the area.

December 2016
Final approval of Draft Neighbourhood Plan by East Coker Parish Council for Regulation 14 Consultation

 January/March 2017
Formal Pre-Submission Consultation with public and statutory organisations: Environment Agency, Natural England, Historic England etc.

April 2017
Analysis of formal consultation responses
Amendments to Plan if required

April 2017
Completion of Basic Conditions & Consultation Statement

May 2017
Submission of Neighbourhood Plan to South Somerset DC in accordance with Regulation 15 with view to further consultation by SSDC and formal Examination by Independent Examiner

Date to be determined
Modification to Plan, if required by Inspector

Date to be determined
Local Parish Referendum, aiming for more than 50% support for the Plan from those who vote

Date to be determined
Completion, approval by SSDC and ‘Making’ of the Plan

Implementation of Plan, which is then used as a Material Planning Consideration to help in determining Planning Applications along with the National Planning Policy Framework and South Somerset Local Plan.


Download here East Coker Neighbourhood Plan ECNP_web

Download here East Coker Neighbourhood Plan Comments Form